"I'm pausing to see if I can understand it"

L.:  So since you don't have an answer to that question, let me put a different question.

G.: I have an answer. The answer is I don't remember.

L.: You don't remember what you meant. Let me try to ask you ...

G.: I don't remember what I was thinking.

L.: Is there a difference between remembering what you were thinking and remembering what you meant?

G.: If the question is what I meant when I wrote it, no.

L.: So you don't remember what you were thinking when you wrote it and you don't remember what you meant when you wrote it; is that fair?

G.: As well as not remembering writing it.


L.: In January 1996, you were aware that were non-Microsoft browsers that were being marketed; is that correct?

G.: I can't really confine it to that month, but I'm sure in that time period I was aware of other browsers being out.

L.: And there were those non-Microsoft browsers, or at least some of them, being marketed in competition with Microsoft's browser?

G.: Users were making choices about which browser to select.

L.: Is the term "competition" a term that you are familiar with, Mr. Gates?

G.: Yes.

L.: And does it have a meaning in the English language that you are familiar with?

G.: Any lack of understanding of the question doesn't stem from the use of that word.

L.: And do you understand what is meant by non-Microsoft browsers, do you not, sir?

G.: No.

L.: You don't? Is that what you're telling me? You don't understand what that means?

G.: You'll have to be more specific. What ...

L.: Do you understand what is meant by non-Microsoft browsers?

G.: In the right context, I'd understand that.

As you may have already guessed, under L is quoted the nosey lawer, and the rest is truthful Bill Gates

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