The hazards of the contact

Several points to bear in mind when contacting an alien (inspired by some huge astronomic book)


By revealing our existence, we therefore advertise Earth as a habitable planet. Shortly thereafter we are invaded by hordes of superior beings bent on colonising the Galaxy. Mankind is annihilated or enslaved.
Bear in mind that scenario as you talk with aliens. Try to show them what it takes to exist on Earth - globalization, ecology, wars etc. The aliens should understand that this here little Earth is no worthy prize for such mighty warriors.


As humankind must surely appear very primitive to advanced aliens, it may represent to them either delightful pets, interesting experimental animals or a gourmet delicacy.
When conversing with aliens or participating in the act of enslavement (as one who is being enslaved), you should do everything to persuade the aliens that humans are the worst slaves imaginable. Natural disinclination to work, foul temper, inability to contain passions will be only several reasons for the aliens to reconsider.
It is easy to understand that the above reasoning won't prevent the aliens from feasting on humans, so one has to choose the ways to deal with it for oneself.


Suppose aliens want to use somewhat different approach to enslave the mankind. They may do this under the guise of teaching us new technologies. For example, an experiment in genetics may lead to creation of their life form here or modify human genome in a such way as to produce new (and extremely nasty) kind of human being.
The only weapon is to suspect the aliens' every move and to double-check every item of alien technology before using it.

Cultural shock

Finally, there is the possibility that mere contact with obviously superior race may lead to cultural retrogression rather than advancement - so that humankind will end up completely dominated by aliens.
There is no easy way out of that danger - but to hope that at the moment of contact the mankind won't be so hopelessly inferior to alien civilisation.

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