Welcome To The Curedone's Lair
The site manifesto

Be welcome weary stranger plodding your way through the cyber space. If came you to find distraction you shall not be disappointed.

The very thing we are interested in are printed word trifles - all kinds of bits one comes across in newspapers, books etc. The only trait these trifles must posess - why, they ought to interest us, attract our attention for a moment longer than the rest of the book, succeed in intriguing us. In short, we are looking for all kinds of "mind-catchers".

After discovering such trifle one generally deliberates about it for a second and then forgets it. So we thought that it would be wise to prevent those precious pieces from getting lost - and thus the present lumber-room was created!

We are well aware that tastes do differ, so to prevent this site from being narrow-minded you are welcome to participate.

Join forces with us and submit any trifle that made an impression on you. Any public contributions are gladly received, though we reserve the right to make selections as we see fit.

So come inside and inscribe our scripture of trifles, and the world may yet listen to you. Or alternatively, read the bits that fascinated us - and return enlightened.

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